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Mangalia marina

Mangalia is situated 40 kms South of Constanta, on the sea coast, on the same geographic parallel with the famous resorts Nice and San Remo. The ancient Greek colony of Callatis is nowadays the southernmost city on the Romanian Black Sea Coast.
It is a resort of major interest, perfectly harmonizing the traditional architectural elements with the new, modern and comfortable buildings.

Well ionized air, rich in sea aerosols. Summer average temperature: 21 °C.
Altitude: 0 - 20 m. Summer average temperature: 21 °C

Spa cures

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natural cure resources

The sapropel mud in Techirghiol Lake, the sea water, the sulfurous and mesothermal water are the main elements that have turned Mangalia into a famous bathing resort owing to its balneary unique in Europe cure.

The natural cure factors are the water of the Black Sea, which is chlorided, sulphated, sodic, magnesian, hypotonic (mineralization 15.5g), the sulphurous, chlorided, bicarbonated, sodic, calcic, mesothermal (21-28°C) mineral waters of the springs in the northern part of the town, in the area of the beach between Saturn and Venus, the sulphurous peat mud, rich in minerals, which is extracted from the peat bog north of the town (exploitation is estimated to last for 250 years) and the marine climate, rich in saline aerosols and solar radiation that have a bracing effect on the organism.

Mangalia cure indications

The resort is good both for healthy holidaymakers and for ailing people who can take cures for degenerative, inflammatory and abarticular rheumatic diseases (cervical, dorsal and lumbar spondylosis, arthrosis and polyarthrosis; pain in the joints after acute artic ular rheumatism or specific infections, ankylosing spon dylosis, psoriatic arthropathy, biologically stabilized the umatoid polyarthritis; tendonits, tendomyositis, tendoperiostosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis), peripheral and central neurological disorders (post-traumatic paralyses or pareses of the limbs, polyneuropathies after the acute stage, sequels after poliomyelitis), gynecological disorders (ovarian insufficiency, chronic cervicitis, chronic metrosalpingitis), certain dermatological diseases (according to medical advice), respiratory (allergic asthma, tracheobronchitis, chronic bronchitis), cardiovascular (incipient varices, sequels after phlebitis etc.), endocrinological (benign hypothyroidism, pubertal hypoovarianism, ovarian sterility), otolaryngological diseases (chronic rhinopharyngitis, chronic laryngitis, nasosinusal allergy) etc.

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