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Balvanyos spa is one of several hydrothermal and volcanic features of the Eastern Transylvania area. It has been known for its health properties for centuries, but has only been commercially exploited as a spa since the building of a nearby hotel in 1938.
Because of their unique composition, the mineral water springs are used to treat the disorders of the digestive system while the gas emissions of the mofettes show great results in treating cardiovascular diseases.

Balvanyos local attractions

  • Balvanyos fortress
  • Csiszar, Transilvania and Apor baths
  • Sulphurous cave
  • Bird's cemetery
  • Killer cave
  • Buffogo swamp
  • Saint Anne Lake (the only crater one in Romania)

Balvanyos cure indications

Rheumatic infirmity, cardiovascular system, endochrinological, digestive system, nervous system, respiratory infirmity and natural therapy: fizzy gas bath, mineral water springs, beach with mineral water, thermal bath, the wealth of the negative ions of its clime.

The main attraction of Balvanyos remain the mofettes. The mofettes are natural gas emissions, especially carbon dioxide, and are used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, as well as diabetes and obesity. Patients can spend a few minutes every day.

Balvanyos cure expellings

  • Infectious-contagious diseases
  • Venereal affections
  • Malign tumors
  • Psychic disorders
  • Tuberculosis
  • Pregnancy over 3 months.

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