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Mangalia hotel PARADISO

Paradiso Hotel Mangalia Paradiso romanian black sea coast Paradiso Mangalia hotel cure

cure thalasso Roumanie Mangalia hotel Paradiso

Paradiso is a 3 star hotel in Mangalia resort with its own balneary clinic.

  • cures from april to october
  • restaurants, bar, gym hall, conference hall
  • 516 beds in 202 two bed rooms, 60 singles and 12 apartments
  • first class restaurant, bar, pizza parlor, conference hall, 2 tennis grounds, beauty saloon, exchange office
  • rooms with phone, cable TV, refrigerator, bathroom

Inexhaustible source of health

PARADISO Hotel avails of complex installation:

hydrotherapy and thermo therapy (bathing with mineral water and mud, plant bathing, galvanic bathing, polls with heated sea water and sulphur water, sub water showers, mud packing), electrotherapy,acupuncture, prophylactic and curative therapy with mesothermal sulphury water, medical gymnastics and massage parlours, negative ionization room, sea water and sulphury water and medicine aerosols, sulphury mesothermal mineral water spring (for internal cure) geriatrics ward administrating Gerovital, as well as an emergency room at the fourth floor of the hotel.

Skilled staff provide medical assistance in the following ailments:

For having their diagnosis established and completed, the patients are offered paraclynical investigations through labs for medical, radiological and functional check-up.

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